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To receive your continuing education hours, you will need to take note of the password announced at the end of each session you attend. Please write down this password when it is announced. To receive your CE certificate, enter the password to access the evaluation and complete the survey. Your certificate will be emailed to you within 30 business days.

Monday, December 4, 2022

Keynote: Cannabis in NH: Public Health Implications and Considerations for Responsible Commercialization 

A1 Building Futures Together: Strengthening the Paraprofessional and Peer Behavioral Health Workforce 

A2 The Intersection of “Fun” and “Therapy” 

A3 Empowering Youth Voices to Prevent Suicide 

A4 Providing Clarity – Alcohol & Other Drug Use Professionals Credentialing in New Hampshire

A5 Motivational Interviewing: A Model for Leadership Success

A6 Connecting Mental Health, Climate Justice, and Nature Through the Project ECHO Model

B1 Engaging Communities in the Aftermath of Suicide: Critical Immediate and Long-Term Planning Steps for Community Postvention

B2 National & Local Reflections on the Integration of Tobacco Cessation in Behavioral Health Systems

B3 A Case Study on Factors Influencing Retention of Mental Health Clinicians in a New Hampshire CMHC

B4 Promoting Access to Behavioral Health Care by Expanding Primary Care Capacity

B5 Breakthrough? Psychedelic Psychotherapies, Interventional Psychiatry, and Other New and Prospective Treatments for Mental Health Challenges

B6 Stigma: What Is It? And How Does Research Inform its Impact on Individuals, Families, Professionals, Institutions, and Public Policy?

C1 We Are Here: Ensuring Behavioral Health Equity Access for All

C2 New Threats, New Tactics: Emerging High-Risk Alcohol Products, What They Are, and What You Can Do

C3 Family Threads: A Program Integrating Peer Recovery Support and Family Strengthening and Support

C4 NHCORR Certified Recovery Housing – What Can You Expect?

C5 Whose Reality is it Anyways? Working with Alternate Experiences

C6 Care at the Crossroads: A Financial Stress Test of the NH Substance Use Disorder Delivery System


Tuesday, December 6, 2022


D1 Understanding the Role of Mental Illness in Violence

D2 Exploring the Certified Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) Model for New Hampshire

D3 Development and Implementation of the New Hampshire Recovery Community Organization Standards of Excellence Model

D4 The Intersection of Mental Health and Public Health

D5 Brain Injury & Mental Health: A Survivors Perspective

D6 Family Treatment Court: The Intersection of Abuse and Neglect Cases and Paternal Substance Use Disorder

E1 Advocacy 101: Influencing Behavioral Health Policy in NH

E2 The Role of Behavioral Health Providers in School-Based Tiered Prevention

E3 Suicide Prevention and LGBTQ+ Youth

E4 The Adverse Childhood Experiences Response Team: Bridging Gaps in Child Advocacy

F1 Community Mental Health 101

F2 Improving Care Utilization, Fitness, and Smoking in Young Adults with SMI: New Results from the ProHealth Integrated Care Program

F3 Integration of a Substance Use Disorder Clinical Pathway Across the Continuum: The Exeter Story

F4 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within NH Drug Treatment Courts: Exploring the Impact on Recidivism and Considerations for Moving Forward

F5 Academic Practice Partnerships: Building the Behavioral Health Workforce Pipeline

F6 Impact of Military Culture on Mental Health and Substance Abuse


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