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Sessions & Schedule

To receive your continuing education credits, you will need to take note of the code word  announced at the end of each session you attend. To receive the CE certificate, enter the code word to be let into the evaluation below related to your session. Once you have completed the online evaluation, your CE certificate will be emailed to you within 30 business days.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Keynote - Improving Court and Community Response to Mental Illness

A1 Older Adults and Substance Use Disorders

A2 Using SBIRT in NH Juvenile Court Diversion Network

A3 Looking Back & Planning Ahead: Governor's Commission

A4 Bridging Gaps: Harm Reduction & Peer-Based Recovery

A5 SBIRT: School-Based Approach

A6 NH’s Multi-Tiered System of Supports for BH & Wellness

B1 Inside the NH State House

B2 What to Know about Gambling & Gambling Disorders

B3 Alternative Peer Groups for Youth

B4 COVID 19 Impacts on Trauma Informed Care

B5 Leveraging Lived Experience Using Co-Design

B6 Family Ties Inside Out

C1 Telehealth! Policy, Practice and Patients

C2 Youth and Family Driven Wraparound

C3 NH's State Opioid Response Grant Update & Impact

C4 Employing Evidence Based Strategies

C5 Addressing Stigma within the Treatment Field

C6 Improving Pediatric Mental Health in NH

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Keynote Grow, Retain, Sustain:  Creating a Robust Healthcare Workforce

D1 Cannabis Prevention and Risk Reduction

D2 Magnifying Voice of NH's Youth through Expressive Art

D3 Cultural Change in SUD Treatment

D4 Words Matter: The language of Mental Health

D5 NH Charitable Foundation Community Listening Project

D6 Guns, Violence, Mental Illness & SUD

E1 Zero Suicide: How This Important Program Saves Lives

E2 Tackling the NH Housing Crisis

E3 Reducing Youth Access to Tobacco and Vaping Products

E4 MH Challenges faced by LGBTQ Individuals & Families

E5 Pediatric Trauma-Informed Care

E6 Preventing Substance Use Disorders by Mitigating ACEs

F1 Creating Connections NH: A Continuum of Support

F2 Discover Your Organization’s Battle Rhythm

F3 Setting Compassionate Boundaries in SUD Treatment

F4 The Case for Motivational Interviewing

F5 The American Rescue Plan to Act


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